About us

Born on the basis of a long and strong experience

O3-Tech was born in 2005 on the basis of Massimo’s and Stefano’s more than a ten-years experience (that time) in leading Italian and international companies.

With such a strong background, the two partners have started a solid company in Solution and Software Design. The company is focused on designing and implementing IT solutions specifically tailored on Customers’ needs.

A young and close-knit staff

Massimo’s Project Manager and Business Analyst role complements Stefano’s, Solution Architect, one: together they manage a team of young professionals in a stimulating environment caring either the innovation and the sustainability of the adopted solutions in time.

Made up by a solid working team, O3-Tech leads on the definition and analysis of functional requirements and development of applicative solutions.

The Customer is the focus of the project

O3-Tech vision leverages on mutual trust and Customer’s value enhancement: O3-Tech supports companies through the whole project lifecycle, enrolling the most neutrality in technologies and market products selection. But what we characterizes us more, is the way we respect and integrate IT solutions in the Customer’s organization, operational and IT areas.

A wide experience enables us a better effectivity

Thanks to the experience gained on quite a number of companies, different either in dimensions, market and organization, O3-Tech has been able to deepen all the different aspects of company IT systems. In this way, it developed an unique overall perspective that allows better effectiveness in analysis, design and implementation phases.

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