Our Professional Services offering has been improved in time, both on the basis of the experience grown up on many different Customers, and to be kept up-to-date to latest technologies and methodologies.

Project Management and Team Leading

Our experience has grown up in international areas, coordinating project with many actors of different countries. That helps us to approach any project management going further a mere sterile PM (even if used and deployed with the usual methodologies).

The balance of different visions and even cultural backgrounds, which could be an issue on mixed international teams, actually allows us to valorise different abilities to get the final goal of the project.

Our wide range of IT expertise allows us to manage also the ICT part, properly addressing also designing choices: a sound and coherent relationship with development ICT area and business areas complete our offering.

Design, Implementation and Commissioning of applicative solutions

In order to achieve better results we provide our custom consultancy services leveraging on our experience: they can span a part or whole lifecycle of a project, from requirements definition with Business Owners, to functional design, test plan definition, until even the IT support in production environment.

We are able to design and develop solutions on latest technologies (.NET Core, EntityFramework, MVC, Typescript, Razor,…) but at the same time without loosing best practices in achieving efficient solutions (both on time and space dimensions), a pitfall that using complex frameworks can seldom happen.

Design of integration of company systems and databases

Our experience on several data-based environments allows us to effectively support Customers in designing and implementing databases, either OLTP or DWH. Also we can design supporting application procedures, both internal or external to the database.

Our knowledge of the main vendors (Oracle, SQL Server) together with solutions designed on them and maintained for years, guides us in choosing the solution best fitting the business requirements, either IT-bound or business/application-bound.

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