Success Cases

Based on the experience matured on ICT & Consulting Solutions on big national and international companies, our portfolio is now better focused on Cruise and Energy areas.

Cruise Lines

All our professionals have worked or are still in the cruise lines sector: that is indeed the area which characterizes us better.
In such a market planning, organization and actual operations execution don’t allow you any degree of approximation; at the same time safety and security onboard and the passengers’ felt quality cannot make compromises.

Our primary customers are Costa Group and Silversea Cruises, two top players succeded in the market with their own specific positioning. That requires us highly personalized projects, finding most suited solutions to requirements very specifc of the area.

High passengers and quality in Costa, originated also by its ascending success, push on time and operational constraints onboard. The type of Silversea’s target, with its own huge retention rate, push to a highly personalized experience onboard.

Our professionals’ expertise and deep knowledge of the area in most of its aspects played a fundamental role in letting Costa Group and Silversea become our main success cases.

The support O3-Tech gives to Costa Group (Costa Cruises and AIDA) starts in 2005. Since then it evolved on different crossed levels, not only on consultancy on solutions designed for each of the 29 ships in the two fleets, but also in the management of their lifecycle.

We concur on the implementation and operation of several onboard application leveraging on our specific knowledge of their application context. We deliver functional analysis, solution test and deploy and also specialist support. The latter one is focused on the onboard access and safety systems areas.

We deliver also specialist support on other application areas like the onboard cruise feedback management system and the Property Management System.

Last but not least we are involved in new building startups and on the IT-side management of inaugural events for their christenings.

About us
We work with O3-Tech nearly from their beginning and I'd like to summarize in three words their performance: professional, dependable and effective. Pretty agile company because of their size, which allows a quick activation.
O3-Tech supports in excellent way the onboard access system on every ship of the fleet. Moreover since 5 years it supports also the Drill and Real Emergency system.
Dott. Franco Caraffi
IT Director - Carnival Maritime Information Technology - Costa Group

From 2010 O3-Tech implements several custom solutions, both on support of the guest’s onboard experience and on the management backoffice processes.

We analysed and managed the implementation of Remote Ordering and Guest Preferences systems: there, the extremely high focus on the detail, deliver the top personalization required in the luxury area where Silversea excels.

On the internal processes area, we designed and developed several solutions, ranging from the mere infrastructure area (fleetwide onboard-ashore data-synch), to the maritime one (harvesting and management of bunkering data) till the planning and control processes for logistics and finance.

About us
They are almost 10 years that we collaborate with O3-Tech: in all this time they supported us in designing and implementing many of the onboard and ashore applications.
O3-Tech stands out in a lot of IT projects because it combines great technical skills with a deep knowledge of the complex business processes of the cruise industry. Nevertheless, what we, in Silversea Cruises, appreciated more in all these years is the solid reliability and abnegation with which they have helped us in all our challenges never stepping back.
Gabriele Dolfini
Director, Finance and Logistics Automation - Silversea Cruises ltd.


We chose to start this enterprise in 2005 thanks to a pilot project in Axpo Italia (that time EGL Italia), which we collaborate today. Our experience in the power sector names after them.

We collaborate with Axpo on the implementation and operation of its Datawarehouse, where the integration of data originated by heterogeneous sources is a challenge requiring proper and efficient solutions.

In particular, it is critical adequately modelling a system aimed to customer consumption estimation; whereas other matters (as price volatility and customers’ churn rate) are challenges they cannot be disregarded.

On the big customers’ area, we developed a solution for custom commercial offerings, integrated in the management processes of coverages (insurance and bank guarantee ones).

Moreover we designed and implemented a system to evaluate customers’ level of assurance, which is in turn integrated with external data sources.

About us
Reliability, confidentiality and expertise are prerequisites mandatory to develop BI solutions in a market area like the power one.
For this reason, since many years we chose O3-Tech as partner in development and operation of company DWH.
Dott. Stefano Marini
Responsabile IT Datawarehouse Axpo Italia spa


Even if cruise and power areas the our main reference scopes, during years we worked together with company operating on different markets.

Even if they could seem more delimited activities, actually the chance to deal with heterogeneous customers represents a real distinguishing point: it allows us to share there our experiences grown in other areas and at the same time it betters our offering.

Carestream is a world-wide marked leader on Medical Imaging. We designed and implemented together the portal managing notifications/issues from customers and appliances installed on a world-wide basis.

We also developed a set of software checks monitoring appliances installed “on field”, with a special care in “false positive” removal and redundant data consolidation.

Maersk is a leader in logistics and shipping areas. For them we carried out an analysis of ICT environment of Italian headquarters, delivering a set of improving actions.

CPW is a Nestlè and General Mills partnership, dedicated in cereals based products sale.

For them we validated digital promotions enclosed to several products: from the absence of any harmful content to the correct working check on tens of platforms and languages (as the global destination of products)

We worked with Teatro Stabile di Genova, mainly on ICT systems and infrastructure area. Together we restructured internal networks and domains and the email service, leveraging on virtual environment systems.

We eventually assisted them until their merging with Teatro Modena (which led to the birth of Teatro Nazionale di Genova), when the business relationship naturally came to an end.

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